Best pickle shots in town! Think yours are better? Challenge us to a taste test.

About us ...nightlife

Come Check Out The New Patio

Please join us in the afternoons for some live music on our expanded patio! Remember Colfax can be just as entertaining after dark, so stick around and enjoy the sports bar nightlife.

We Have You Covered


Misfits currently has 12 local beers on tap, with the exception of our Lagunitas IPA. They are served in both 16 and 22 oz chilled glasses, with only $1 price difference between the two.  If you would rather have a bottle or can we have plenty to choose from as well. We take pride in our drink making abilities around here, so please don't be shy, order what you like! Did we already mention we are one of the only bars with live music the area.

Our staff have been "IN THE BIZ" long enough to make you that one shot you really liked the last time you drank...... 10 years ago… the one you forgot the name of and never learned the had it in that one bar that was around the corner and down some California! Well, at least we will try! 

Once your thirst is satisfied stick around for a bite to eat! Our full menu kitchen opens at 11 and closes at 10pm Sun-Th. The weekend nights the kitchen will remain open till 11p.m. We have everything from cheese burgers to chicken quesadillas so you are guaranteed to find something your in the mood for!

For nitelife we have great weekly events like karaoke every Tues ,free Texas Holdem 2 nights a week and endless live music so you will never be bored at our local sports bar.

Thank You

We want to thank you all for your continued loyalty, you are what keeps this business running! This is our home away from home, and it wouldn't be if it wasn't for all of you! 

To show our appreciation please grab a 16oz domestic draft for a $1.99 from 11 am to 2 pm 7 days a week!